Building neck muscle

Building neck muscle is sometimes overlooked by bodybuilders and is often not mentioned in training routines but it is an important part of strength training it can prevent injuries and is beneficial in sports and physical activities. Lets take a look at some ways to build neck muscle.

1. Neck Flexion

This exercise can strengthen the neck very well to perform the neck flexion start by sitting in a chair and move your head back so that your looking up at the ceiling. Then place your hands behind your head and use them to build up resistance and you will begin to see results when you use this in your workout routine.

2. Neck Extension

This may seem a very simple exercise but it is certainly effective and gets results. Start by taking your hand and placing it against your forehead while looking straight ahead start applying resistance and slowly lower your head down so that your chin comes against your chest.

Building neck muscle is important for preventing injury and the overall strength of the body and is also appealing to the physique.