Burning fat gaining muscle

Burning fat gaining muscle is one of the hardest struggles people have with their efforts to sculpt their physique through weight training because you can’t just do an extreme restrictive diet or the body will store fat to offset the lack of calories which causes a decline in metabolism which makes weight loss even more difficult. Instead it is about eating the right kinds of food in precise amounts that cause an increase in metabolism, fat burning and muscle building hormones and energy.

All foods can be divided up into three main food types which are:


Protein is essential to muscular repair, maintenance and growth, an adequate level of protein intake preserves muscle tissue and helps with recovery from workouts and training activities.
Exercise and weight training cause damage to muscular tissue so it is very important to have an appropriate protein intake to allow muscle growth during the recovery process if you don’t take in the adequate level of protein your metabolism will decrease and have a detrimental effect on your weight training.

The recommended intake is between .64 and .91 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight


Carbohydrates serve as the body’s fuel for energy and are extremely important in weight training they should also be used during periods of recovery. The same principle as protein intake applies to carbohydrate intake if you don’t get the required levels it can compromise your performance level and duration. There is a myth that you can’t have too many carbohydrates some people have a belief that extra carbs are stored in the body for energy but the reality is that excess carbs will likely be converted into body fat.


Fats are not fondly thought of by people who are trying to build muscle and burn fat especially saturated fats due to the fact that they carry more than twice as many calories per gram than protein and carbohydrates but none the less fats are an essential part of your diet for proper metabolic function, hormone production and energy source. The body uses dietary fat for energy when it’s in a state of negative energy balance. The main issue with fats is making sure your total calorie intake is less that what you expend the actual percentage of fat in the diet isn’t as much of a factor in weight as it was once thought to be.


The quality of the foods you eat and the timing of when you eat them can make a major difference in having a successful diet or failing to enhance your physique this is especially true pre and post workout. Skipping breakfast, not eating a meal post workout and eating high glycemic carbohydrates before a workout are some of the most common mistakes which can make even a good diet far less effective.

One of the most efficient ways of burning fat is by raising the metabolic rate and the process of digesting food itself requires calories so therefore the more often the body has to break down food the more efficient it becomes at it this is why dividing your daily food intake into five small meals per day is an advantage in building muscle and burning fat because it raises the metabolic response.


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