Calf muscle building

We created this calf muscle building guide because the calf muscles are one of the most complained about muscles by bodybuilders as being the hardest to build you may have even seen some big guys with very developed upper bodies with much out of proportion small calf muscles we‘re here to help you avoid falling into that trap.

Every time you walk, run or jump you are using your calf muscles to push at least your body weight so therefore if you want to develop and build calf muscles bigger you will have to lift heavy weights to achieve that kind of growth. Lets look at some of the best exercises for calf muscle building.

A great exercise for calf muscle building is seated calf raises this is commonly preformed with a machine where you sit, and a padded section is placed above your knees.

If you go to a gym that doesn’t have this piece of  equipment you can still do the exercise by sitting on a bench and putting a weighted barbell on your thighs, then raise your heels off the floor, and pause at the top and squeeze hard to achieve full muscle contraction, then return back to the original position with the heels almost touching the floor that is one rep.

The amount of reps to do in a routine will depend on the individual but it is important to use heavy weights and you should perform the exercise until you cannot lift anymore.

Running either on a treadmill or outside will help to build up and strengthen your calf muscles and at the same time provide a good source of cardio exercise.

Uphill walking is one of the most effective exercises for calf muscle building the ideal scenario would be to do it on a treadmill so you can control the incline and speed.

Stair climbing is another excellent exercise to build your calf muscles and get cardio exercise at the same time it is best to do it using a stair climber or Stairmaster but if you don’t have membership to a gym you could use a flight of stairs to do it.