Chest Muscle Building

Chest Muscle Building

Welcome to our chest muscle building training guide
You are probably here reading this because you want to get a chiseled chest with big pectoral muscles and well defined six pack abs right? We have created this chest muscle building training guide to provide you with the key information about cardio training, weight training, nutrition and exercise to help you get the chest muscles you are training for.

How to get six pack abs

Sculpting six pack abs is one of the areas a lot of people have difficulty in achieving in fact some people can’t manage to get a six pack even when they are doing crunches, sit ups and ab rollers four times per week and wonder what they are doing wrong. The fact is that the training develops the abdominal muscles and builds strength but unless your body fat is at a low enough level you wont see the definition because there is just too much body fat covering up the muscle you’ve built up. The lower abdominal area is where most people in particular men store body fat first when they gain it due to the high level of A2 receptors in that part of the body.

In order to burn fat to make your six pack defined you should do a combination of cardio training such as stationary cycling, stair climbing, elliptical machines, aerobic classes and weight training together this is a formula for maximum fat burning.

Nutrition is also a major factor in developing abs you should spread your daily calorie intake into 5-6 smaller meals rather than 2-3 big ones meal portion size is very important even eating a lot of healthy food will be detrimental to your abdominal muscles. Each meal should have a source of high quality lean protein for example egg whites, lean meat, fish, protein powder. The carb intake should be natural such as vegetables, potatoes, oatmeal, beans, yams and whole grains and make sure that less than 30% of your total calories are from fat and drink lots of water.

How to get pectoral muscles

The other step to chest muscle building is developing and sculpting the pectoral muscles here we will outline some of the most effective training routines for achieving great pectorals.

The bench press is the most famous chest muscle building exercise of all time which is also beneficial to the triceps and shoulders and the incline bench press is good for the upper pectoral muscles which will help develop and shape them appealingly.

Flyes or though may not increase your strength that much they are very effective in shaping your pectorals and also provide a good stretch for them.

Push ups are excellent for upper body strength and development and provide a great pump if you want to emphasize the pectoral muscles with push ups you can elevate your legs which puts extra benefit on the upper chest and shoulders.