Feed the muscle if you want it to grow

One of the biggest problems bodybuilders face is trying to gain muscle size. They spend time in the gym working hard and sometimes they still can’t gain the size that they after. This often leads to frustration and loss of interest in training. It many cases it isn’t the training at all, it is the nutrition.

Often times so much emphasis is put on the gym part of of gaining muscle, that many forget they have to feed the muscle in order for it to grow. Eating is one of the most anabolic things you can do to gain muscle size. Combing the right amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates is key to getting the muscle growth that you want.

In order to gain the muscle mass you desire you should be eating every two to three hours. You can eat regular meals and use protein shakes to get your calories in. You should be trying to eat about 500 more calories than your body needs in a day so that you can really pack on the mass. Protein shakes are a real easy way to get calories in. You can add peanut butter to the shake to add even more calories. Peanut butter is calorie dense and is pretty good for you.

Hitting the gym and working out hard is a step in the right direction if you are looking to add muscle, but you will be spinning your wheels if you aren’t eating enough calories to make your muscles grow. Feed your muscles and they will grow bigger and stronger from your workouts.


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