Healthy heart – a reason for fitness

In the first part we have seen that how the nutritionist misguided and suggested not to serve any kind of exercise. In the bit part we will check out how workouts and good diet can effectively help to get the muscle mass back.

So, ok, let’s move on, how to Regain muscle mass back, ok, I will give you a contiguous story, when I was 15, I skint my leg with soccer, it was in clasp for 6 weeks . It took me about 6 to 7 months to build my muscle back . So when you stop sampleing your muscle, your muscle pretty much have to go to waste . Secondly space, if you land there and want to go to space, your muscles, your bones are loss to lose, what they need, they lose their strength of bones to lose their assiduity. Because they are not needed to work, they are not needed stress; they are not needed to do their job . What your body actually don’t requires is taken up by your body .

So first weigh you are going to do this is that you have to get them off and get the muscles strong fair to middling. Anything you will do will be a good start, whether you are running out, or exercise your body with step ups, squats, lounges, pull ups, pushups . And then you want to, because your body will take your body weight. You don’t want to certain increase distress your muscles, when you are doing some more weight or type of exercise.

It’s going to be a long halt I am, like, it will be a Baer bad news, but it is going to take time when your muscles, when you lose your muscles it takes long time several months to build them back up . So, from my type horizon I just want you, there is no name in this Interrogate, so whoever have asked it. I want you to be of a mindset, this is going to be a little bit of process and understand that things are not going to happen overnight.

Have faith in the process, have trust, that if you just proceed to do up or to follow properly, if you are going to continue with strength training broadcast, you will build your body back up and the cool thing is that giving you back to your intelligent weight, you are toned, you are not going to be that “skinny” fat person, alright, that doesn’t do anything, and just diets and this is all the weight has lose and the skin has all the reflexes.

You are going to be toned; fit and healthy human and then you can go back to your nutritionist and tell them to shut it, because, I think that’s just wacky. That someone is going to tell you to stop do because you have lost too much of weight, I think that is absolutely ridiculous. You know, if you have lost too much of weight, and you want to tell me about cardio where you need to build your muscle back up. So, from diet prospective continue eating vegetarian, you will get all the protein you need, don’t worry about it. It’s more about just getting enough calories in through all foods, you will be fine, fuel your muscles with good nutrition and that’s my best I have told with my Fitter U fitness knowledge.

So, thank you so much for your question, I really feel for this story its ridiculous what they recommended and hopefully this video help you up. Thanks for your question and thank for you watch and let me know if you have any comments, post on the YouTube videos, see we can get good discussions on this lieu. Thanks again, and I, Yuri Elkaim will see you in the next episode.

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