The 3 Most Known Myths About Washboard Abs

You’ll find dozens of myths about abdominal muscles. The myths surrounding them often times hinder the work outs that you do. The work outs that you think that will give you the six pack abs look you think you’re working hard for. Let us review a few of these myths and expose the truth.

Myth #1

Ab muscle is different from regular muscle.

Your abdominal muscles are just as every other muscle in your body. The abdominal is unique simply in location and in contrast to biceps or quads they do not rest on a bony surface. So you must train them the exact same way you would train, say, your biceps or your chest. The essential laws of physiology apply to all your muscles, including your abs. Meaning you have to do work outs in the correct plane of movement to efficiently work the muscle.

Myth #2

You’ve got to train your abs daily in order to get washboard abs.

The rules of weight training assert that you must give your muscles a minimum of, a day of rest to recover and this applies to your abdominals as well. Instead of working your back each day, do them every other day or even just three times a week. They need a break the same as the rest of your body. The trick is to train them hard.

Myth Number 3
Doing ab work outs removes belly fat.

There is no such thing as spot reduction. People assume that if you have fat deposits on your abs, exercising the muscles beneath the fat can make it go away. But they believe wrong. You can not get rid of the fat over a muscle by repeatedly working out that body part. The one strategy to burn fat from your tummy is thru long term exercise and a healthy, low calorie diet.

As you are able to see from these washboard abs myths, you’re most likely performing something right now that is not helping you achieve the body you want. Do away with these myths and get on the right track. Get on the track to building the 6-pack abs that you trully desire.