Young Children Lifting Weights

Each and every day the age limit for a child to begin lifting weights is heavily argued. Every person has their own opinion on this topic, but there is no certain age a child should begin lifting weights. Weight lifting should be introduced after the puberty stage. Some children mature a lot faster than others, so putting an age on lifting is pointless.

As you should already know, females tend to mature faster than males. Females can usually begin lifting weights around the age of 10, while males, should wait until the age of 12 or 13. Obviously your not going to want to start a child lifting enormous amounts of weight, because the child’s muscles aren’t fully developed yet. If your child hasn’t reached the puberty stage and would like to begin lifting, there is no harm in lifting their own body weight. Children should start working out by using push ups or any other calisthenic-type exercises because you will not harm the body. When the child becomes of age and ready to begin lifting, the first six months to a year should be spent learning the proper techniques of all different types of workouts. Once the child has gotten the hang of how weightlifting works he ,or she, can begin adding more weight.

As I said before, there is no certain age of when a child should begin lifting weights. Before you start your child lifting you might want to take your child to professional so they can observe and see if the child is ready. When your child begins lifting, they should always be supervised by professionals.


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